Cage staying patient

M.J. Cage is one of the best centers in the west. Read on for an update on his recruitment, what he thinks of Arizona, and more.

Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei 2016 center M.J. Cage had a different role on his high school team this past season due in large part to Stanley Johnson moving on to Arizona.

“I think I became more aggressive because he wasn’t there,” Cage said. “I had to score for myself where he once got me a lot of shots because they double teamed him.”

Johnson’s absence allowed Cage to develop more as a player.

“I learned I have to be more aggressive and work on my scoring because when he left that was a lot of shots and points,” Cage said.

That aggressiveness also helped with the recruiting process and Arizona, Kentucky, and San Diego State remain the three schools in the best position.

“Recruiting is going well,” Cage said. “I am taking it slow, but I might take some visits shortly.

“I haven’t made any visits or anything, so I want to figure it out before the season starts to get a load off of me.”

When Cage does make those visits, he knows what he will have a close eye on.

“I want a school that will set me up for the future,” he said. “Just in case basketball doesn't work, I need something else to do. However, I also want a school to help me get to the NBA.”

One school that has a clear and impressive pitch to Cage is Arizona.

“It’s a top school for basketball and Stanley went there and tells me how much he loves it,” Cage said.

“Arizona tells me I fit in perfectly because I like to run and they do too. They go very far in the tournament and do a great job of getting their bigs the ball.”

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