Miller gives NBA Draft input

Arizona is hoping to have four players drafted to the NBA. Read on to see what the latest Sean Miller has heard regarding those prospects.

Arizona is hoping to have four players' names called in the NBA Draft and Sean Miller is right in the thick of things when it comes to phone calls from NBA teams.

Stanley Johnson is nearly a lock to be a lottery pick and Miller is confident he will be successful.

"Stanley will no doubt be a lottery pick," Miller said. "Where he will end up remains to be seen. We as coaches and maybe fans at Arizona don’t realize Stanley is one of the youngest players in this year’s NBA Draft.

"This season he played at 18 years old and there aren’t many freshman playing in college sports at 18, let alone the role he had on our team.

"I think his upside and where he will be a few years from now will be nowhere near where he was this year. I think all of us really watched his growth in front of us from November to March this year in large part because you forget how young he is."

In addition to Johnson, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson will likely hear his name called in the first round.

"I know he has done exceptionally well starting at the combine and moving forward," Miller said. "We have heard from a lot of teams that his ability to be chosen in the first round is very good, which will be great for him. Potentially even moving more toward the middle of the first round than the late.

"That doesn’t surprise me. You coach these guys and know them well. Rondae has a special skill right away that no matter who he goes with he is going to be able to bring to the table right away and that is being a lock down, elite defender and rebounder initially and allowing his offense to grow as he gets older."

One player that is making a push to at least sign with a team is T.J. McConnell.

"Looking at T.J., I think the more success someone like Delladova has with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the more you look at him because the Aaron Crafts, the Matthew Delladova’s, the T.J. McConnell’s, they have some common themes in that they play hard on both ends and have a way of blending in with great players," Miller said.

"I know T.J. has been very aggressive in working out with a lot of teams. Whether he gets drafted or not, I don’t know, but it certainly would not surprise me if once he selects his summer league team that team falls in love with him and he gets an opportunity. Given the opportunity, he will prove a lot of doubters wrong."

The last prospect with an unknown future is Brandon Ashley.

"Brandon I think is where everybody projected him when he left," Miller said. "He has a range of maybe late first round to some point in the second. There are 30 teams in the NBA and you only need that one to really like him. I think these workouts in the next couple of weeks will really solidify that for him."

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