Sherman to grayshirt

Offensive lineman Harper Sherman will gray shirt and arrive at Arizona in January. Read on for his reaction on the decision and more.

One of the more overlooked recruits of the 2015 Arizona football class is New Westminster (B.C.) offensive tackle Harper Sherman.

The plan for Sherman is for him to arrive later than some of his classmates, but he is okay with that decision.

“They’ve been really up front about the gray shirt situation," Sherman said. "I won’t be there until January, but I’m more than okay with that.

"That gives me an extra half year to get stronger and really come in with the time of conditioning and strength that I will need at the next level.”

Sherman also believes the grayshirt route will allow him to possibly contribute earlier.

“The redshirt could still be an option, but I will get there and will still be allowed to go through spring ball and I think I will have a better chance to maybe contribute early," he said.

"That’s a long ways off, but it’s definitely something that I would like to do, if possible.”

In the meantime, Sherman will be working to get in the best shape possible before arriving to Arizona.

“Right now, the main priority is to cut weight and slim down a tad, but I don’t want to lose strength, so I’m not going on one of these things where I’m just trying to lose weight at all costs,” Sherman said.

"I talk with the Arizona coaches on a very regular basis. Coach Michalczik talks to me all the time. They think I fit in really well with everything they want to do and that was one of the things that really appealed to me.”

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