Recruiting Reset: Wide Receivers

Arizona has a handful of wide receivers that it is prioritizing. Read on to see who they are and where the Wildcats stand with each.

Arizona recently had N’Keal Harry on campus and is hoping that it gave the Wildcats some momentum. At this point, USC is considered the favorite, but Arizona is going to keep trying to get him on campus and go from there. To be blunt, we would be surprised if he wound up at Arizona, but crazier things have happened.

DeVaughn Cooper is a player Arizona evaluated and offered early only to see him get a bunch more offers nationally. Cooper has done a nice job of not just jumping at the biggest offer, which means the Wildcats are right in the thick of things. He has already been on campus once and has been adamant he will visit again. Arizona has as good of a chance as anybody else involved in Cooper’s recruitment.

Alloway is considered an all-purpose back, but we are listing him as a wide receiver for this because Arizona would definitely line him up outside at times. Alloway is the type of player that can do a little bit of everything and he would thrive in Arizona’s offense. Like others, it won’t be easy for Arizona to land Alloway, but it has definitely picked up the pace as of late.

Nixon is one of the best wide receivers in the country and Arizona is a long shot. However, the coaching staff has done well in Florida before and was one of the first to offer him. The hope is that the early offer leads into some momentum and an official visit, but there is a long way to go.

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