Adidas Gauntlet Finale: Day One Evaluations

Numerous Arizona prospects are in attendance at the Adidas Gauntlet Finale. Read on to see how players such as T.J. Leaf, Jaylen Hands, and others performed.

SUWANEE, Ga. - The first day of the Adidas Gauntlet Finale is in the books and there were numerous Arizona prospects in action.

T.J. Leaf: We didn’t see a better performance all night than the one Leaf put forward and we may not for the rest of the week either.

The Arizona commit finished 12-16 from the field for 27 points and 10 rebounds while adding two assists and two blocks as well. The competition wasn’t the best, but it did not matter much.

Leaf scored off the dribble, on the block, at the line, and basically anyway he wanted to. He has one of the best offensive games in high school basketball and it was on full display.

Jaylen Hands: The 2017 point guard ran the show to perfection, often finding his teammates in perfect position to score while finishing with seven assists.

Hands is as smooth as they come and does a great job of changing pace, which puts defenders on their heels.

He also hit two NBA threes in a row, one of which was right off the dribble when he recognized that the guy guarding him was going to go with the player that set a screen.

Brendan Bailey: Although he is better than he performed on Wednesday, Bailey found other ways to contribute by grabbing 12 rebounds.

He finished 3-12 from the field, but many of those were good looks that are likely to fall if he sees them again. To indicate what type of player Bailey is, you can look at the play where he beat his man off the dribble and nailed a jumper at the free-throw line despite being pushed in the back.

Bailey definitely needs to get stronger, but he understands the game and is a very smooth player.

Kobi Simmons: You can tell that Simmons is talented, but it just wasn’t his night on Wednesday, He finished 4-20 from the field and struggled from all over the court with two of his buckets coming from behind the three-point line.

Simmons went to the line 12 times, which is an indication of how often he can beat his man, but he just struggled with doing anything with it once he did.

Frank Jackson: He made nearly 50 percent of his shots, but Jackson will be the first to tell you that he did not play well on Wednesday.

Jackson is a dynamic scorer that is a lot better when the three-ball is falling and he was unable to get that part of his game going as he finished 1-7 from behind the arc.

He did get to the line and make nine free-throws in addition to 9-19 field goals to finish with 28 points and he just has the look of a guy that can get buckets when he wants.

It probably sounds like we’re nitpicking a bit because his line suggests a strong game, but believe us when we say that Jackson is better than he played, which isn't a bad thing at all.

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