Adidas Gauntlet Finale: Day Two Evaluations

The second day of the Adidas Gauntlet Finale is complete and there were numerous Arizona prospects in attendance. Read on to see how they performed.

SUWANEE, Ga. - The second day of the Adidas Gauntlet Finale is in the books and there were numerous Arizona prospects in action.

T.J. Leaf: The Arizona commit continues to challenge for the best player of the week. In the opening game he did whatever he wanted on his way to 24 points and 13 rebounds, contributing two shots from behind the arc as well.

Against the Atlanta Celtics, he was the primary focus of the defense and actually handled the point for the majority of the game. It did not look like he was uncomfortable doing it either and while we doubt he does it in college, there are much worse experiments.

Leaf finished with 16 points and 13 rebounds in what was his least efficient performance of the week. The scary thing is that he still went 8-17 from the field with some of those misses being shots he doesn’t usually miss.

Jaylen Hands: The five0star guard was more of a scorer in the day’s opening game, finishing with 17 points. He is a complete nightmare off the dribble because he has such a fast release and he hit a few jumpers where his feet weren’t even set.

In the second game, Hands really struggled offensively. His shot wasn’t falling and he got frustrated, which led to his defense leaving something to be desired. Hands only turned the ball over once, but just couldn’t get things going and much of that had to do with being guarded by Josh Langford, a bigger player who was physical with him.

Frank Jackson: After struggling on Wednesday night, Jackson showed the full arsenal on Thursday. Whether it was hitting from behind the arc, getting buckets off steals, or simply getting into the lane, Jackson showed why he is considered one of the best scorers in his class.

His AAU team plays him mostly off the ball and while he can certainly be effective there, we actually like him at the point. Jackson is much more dangerous when he has the ball in his hands and although he is considered a shoot first point guard, that doesn’t mean he can’t find his teammates.

Kobi Simmons: The first game of the day was very similar to Wednesday in that Simmons was able to get some decent looks, but not much fell as he finished 5-20 from the field. Simmons did get to the line and get a third of his points there, while also finishing with eight rebounds and four assists.

In the later game, against the Compton Magic, Simmons was much better. He was deadly in transition and made the right decision more often than not. We didn’t see anything that would change our mind about how good he is, but he needs to be smarter with the shots that he takes.

Brendan Bailey: We watched one of two of Bailey’s games and unfortunately it was the bad one. He finished 2-15 from the field and it was likely one of the worst games he has had in a long time.

Bailey never really looked comfortable out there offensively, but he did contribute in other areas. We hear he played much better in the second game, but unfortunately no Arizona coaches were there to see it because it was at the same time as the Compton Magic game.

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