Iakopo thinks highly of Arizona

London Iakopo is one of the top junior college safeties in the country. Read on for an update on his recruitment, including where Arizona stands.

Even though Long Beach City College safety London Iakopo hasn’t heard from the Arizona coaching staff in a little bit, it’s safe to assume that both sides are still very committed to each other.

“I just got a new phone so I haven’t heard from a ton of guys or teams lately, but until that happened Arizona was talking to me all the time,” Iakopo said.

“It felt good because they really saw me before a ton of teams did. They love the way that I react out there and they talked about my ability to always be around the ball.”

Iakopo appreciates the praise and loyalty he has received from the Arizona coaching staff.

“That’s a great feeling because I’ve always been the guy who was physically able to make plays, so when you hear coaches tell you they respect your mental preparation, it’s a cool feeling," he said. "I’m glad Arizona came after me and it’s a perfect place for me to be.”

Although it may not be a package deal, Iakopo admits he is talking with some teammates about going to Arizona.

“I've got a couple teammates that are looking at Arizona and I definitely tell them what I like about the school, but, again, that is their choice," he said.

"It would be great to go there together and continue to build on what we’ve don’t at the junior college level, but at the same time everyone has to do what is best for them.”

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