Freshmen Impact Report

With football only a few weeks away, we take a look at each freshman and the impact we expect him to make. Read on to see what we think of each.

With football practice right around the corner, we have gotten plenty of questions about the ability of the freshmen to contribute. Here is a look at what we think the likelihood is for each of them.

Anthony Fotu: Although he struggled a bit this spring, the hope is that this will be a big summer for Fotu. It may not come right away, but the coaching staff feels he will be able to contribute on the edge this season.

Timmy Hamilton: We would be more confident in him contributing this season had he come in the spring. It’s not easy to adjust to Arizona in just one summer and he could be hurt a bit because of it, but the coaching staff likes him for a reason and needs all the help it can get on the defensive line.

Shun Brown: The coaching staff believes Brown can contribute right away, likely on the defensive side of the ball. Arizona loves speed and Brown is going to be as fast as almost anybody on Arizona’s roster. Don’t be surprised if he comes in and plays right away figuring he can pick up the schemes.

Matt Morin: Arizona got a nice spring from Morin, who will likely see plenty of snaps this season. Morin has shown himself to be a strong blocker and a better athlete than some may anticipate in a tight end competition that is as close as any.

Nathan Eldridge: Though he has been impressive in the weight room, it is extremely difficult for an offensive lineman to play right away. Eldridge likely has a bright future, but he isn’t playing this season.

Dane Cruikshank: You can pretty much say the same for all the JUCO guys. As long as they pick up the schemes, Arizona expects them to play. Cruikshank is athletic enough to play a few positions on defense and has high expectations surrounding him.

Cody Creason: Again, it is extremely difficult for a freshman offensive lineman to play right away.

Kendal Franklin: Franklin is almost guaranteed to redshirt with the handful of JUCO guys on the defensive line and solid depth at linebacker.

Brion Anduze: Arizona is loaded at tight end for this season, so Anduze is a year away from contributing.

Cedric Peterson: We really like Peterson, but Arizona is loaded at wide receiver and there are players ahead of him at corner.

Anthony Mariscal: Supposedly Mariscal is having a nice summer, but he is at a position where Arizona has some talent. We would be surprised if he did not redshirt.

Sam Morrison: If Brown is as good as advertised and everything stays normal at corner, there really isn’t a lot of playing time for Morrison right away. A redshirt season would likely do him well.

Orlando Bradford: Arizona would rather redshirt Bradford than have him as the third back behind Nick Wilson and Jared Baker. That’s not a knock on him, but only a few carries per game would be a waste.

Paul Magloire: After a very impressive spring, Magloire is going to play right away. It would not surprise us to see him as one of the better defenders on the team by the end of the season.

Alex Kosinski: It was a good move for Kosinski to get to campus early and it will help him in the long run, but a redshirt is likely.

Darick Holmes: We like Holmes a ton, but he is at the toughest position to crack. He is going to be very good to Arizona and it is probably going to be a year from now as opposed to his true freshman season.

Finton Connolly: Arizona is going to redshirt Connolly, but he is a very strong lineman that the coaching staff is confident in.

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