Outlook: Kaleb Tarczewski

Kaleb Tarczewski will be asked to be a team leader this season. Read on to see our expectations of his play and more.

Before the start of his junior season, Kaleb Tarczewski was said to have late first round/early second round potential, but when those expectations did not seem like reality at the end of the season, the 7-foot Tarczewski decided to return for his final year.

After three seasons at Arizona, coaches, scouts and fans know what to expect from the New Hampshire native.

He has built a reputation as a defensive-minded big that alters shots at the rim and keeps the front line in order when things start to go south.

Tarczewski is not the most physical center in the nation, nor does he have the necessary tenacity on the glass, but he has done a lot of great things for Sean Miller over the years. Granted, Tarczewski is an easy target for criticism, but Arizona does not make it to the Elite Eight without him.

With the departure of Brandon Ashley, Zeus will be looked at to create a lot more offense from the post and the increase in touches should result in higher scoring and rebounding averages.

On the outside looking in, Tarczewski made the right decision. Last season wasn't his best and he's ready to change a lot of judgments about him with a strong final season.

Basketball aside, Zeus has an opportunity to further cement himself among the Arizona basketball greats. He is 18 wins away from becoming the winningest player in Arizona's history.

In addition, Tarczewski has a chance to become the first member of the basketball program to graduate from Arizona's nationally acclaimed business school.

Ideally, there is going to be a new-look Tarczewski next season - from a player and leadership standpoint, the only question is how far can Arizona go with Tarczewski leading the charge.

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