Friday Las Vegas Tournament Evaluations

There were numerous Arizona prospects in action Friday. Read on to see how each of them performed in front of Arizona coaches.

LAS VEGAS - Arizona prospects participated in three different events throughout Las Vegas on Friday. Read on to see how they performed.

Josh Jackson: We’ve seen Jackson enough to know what he can do and his skills were once again on display Friday.

We can’t emphasize enough how good of a passer Jackson is, as he often looks like a point guard and has a fantastic ability to find an open man off the dribble while using one hand.

Jackson is not a great shooter, but his form is fine and our guess is that he will keep improving in that area. It doesn’t really matter though, because he can consistently beat his man off the dribble and get to the rim.

Defensively, Jackson had at least five blocks, including two in transition. The scary part is that he actually could have had more if it wasn’t about his fifth game in two days.

Andrew Jones: When Jones gets in the lane, he does a great job of making sure he makes the correct decision, whether it is getting the ball to the basket or finding an open teammate.

We continue to be impressed with how well Jones does in transition and while his height suggests he is more of a shooting guard, he often makes his best plays while on the ball.

Jones is only going to get better and you can make a good case that he has been one of the most overlooked players in the country, but that’s changed mighty quickly.

JaQuori McLaughlin: Although he started off slow, McLaughlin had a strong second half on Friday. We would still like for him to be aggressive, but at least he was not passing up open shots and was able to knock down a few three-pointers.

We don’t feel comfortable calling McLaughlin elite, but he is a solid four-year point guard and we can see the appeal.

Mitch Lightfoot: To be blunt, Lightfoot’s first performance on Friday was awful. He wasn’t moving fast on defense, couldn’t deal with the physicality of the player guarding him, and just struggled.

In the second game, he was basically the opposite player. Lightfoot got out in transition for a handful of dunks, made a few three-pointers, and scored on the block.

We see the potential, though the national attention he is receiving is probably a bit much. His energy is the most impressive aspect of his game and he always plays hard, which isn’t as common as you think.

We have major concerns defensively in the sense that he isn’t quick enough to guard a three or face up four and not yet strong enough to guard a five. Unless he grows or gets considerably stronger, that will be his biggest issue in college.

De'Aaron Fox: The biggest statement of the week was made by Fox, who solidified himself as a top five player in the country. His 35-point performance was unreal, whether it was hitting NBA threes off the dribble, getting the lane, hitting pull up jumpers, Fox did it all.

The most impressive play of the game came when he pinned a shot off the backboard with two hands.

Fox is already elite defensively because of his speed and length and once he gets stronger, you have a no-brainer NBA player. In reality, he may be that already, but the increased strength will take his game to a level that not many can get to.

Markus Howard: We’re not sure what position Howard really is, but he can definitely shoot the ball.

He is on a team with Troy Brown, so Howard alternates on and off the ball and we feel he is better off it.

The concern with him is that he looks physically maxed out, but he is still a good enough shooter to play at the Pac-12 level.

De'Ron Davis: The opposition tried to be physical with Davis to get him off the game and that was a mistake, as he was the bigger bully.

Davis went to the line 22 times, making 15 of them on his way to 19 points and 9 rebounds.

He is at his best when he finds himself in a physical game because it forces him near the rim and that’s where his strength his. He is very fundamentally sound and has legitimate post moves that were on display Friday.

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