Saturday Las Vegas Tournament Evaluations

Numerous Arizona prospects went home on Saturday, but there were plenty of impressive performances. Read on to see how Arizona's prospects did and more.

LAS VEGAS - Numerous Arizona prospects went home on Saturday and only a handful remain, but we still got to see some familiar faces and a couple of new ones as well.

Marvin Bagley: There may not be a better prospect in the entire country. Bagley dominated in the game we saw him play Saturday and probably could have done a lot more damage if he wanted.

What’s scary is that we really don’t know what position Bagley is because he can basically play them all. He handles the ball as well as some point guards we saw this week, shoots it as well as most shooting guards, and can score in the post as well.

Often times the hype surpasses the true skill of the player. That’s not the case here, Hype away, Bagley deserves all of it.

Josh Jackson: You can probably guess what we’re going to put here, as you already know what you need to about Jackson.

On Saturday, he had a few plays where he showed off his jumper, including one turnaround fadeaway on the baseline that was ridiculous in terms of difficulty.

What people need to understand about Jackson is that there is still a lot of raw potential. There may be a few guys that are better basketball players right now, but what Jackson can become with good coaching isn’t matched by many.

Andrew Jones: If possible, Jones had a quiet 22 points on Saturday morning. He once again scored in a variety of ways and relied on the mid-range jumper a bit more than in the other games we have seen him in this week.

Even when tired, Jones is still the fastest player on the court and scored a chunk of his points based off pure hustle.

JaQuori McLaughlin: If you’re looking for a solid, four-year point guard, McLaughlin is a solid choice. He isn’t going to do much that is going to wow you, but he does numerous things well and runs the point effectively.

On Saturday McLaughlin had his three ball working better than we have seen previously and had a sequence where he went strong to the basket for a layup and followed with a three from NBA range at the top of the arc.

McLaughlin is at his best when he is aggressive, but now he has to work on finding that balance between being aggressive when he needs to and being too passive at times.

De'Aaron Fox: There is no doubt that Fox was tired on Saturday and it is difficult to blame him with the summer he has had. Despite not looking like his normal self, Fox did his best to try to get the Houston Hoops the win, as he was clearly their best player.

One aspect of Fox’s game that we like is that he wants the ball in his hands at the end of the game, It does not come in a selfish manner as much as him simply wanting to put the team on his back when other guys are struggling.

Nothing that happened Saturday was going to change our mind, as we come out of the weekend thinking he is a top five player in the country.

Markus Howard: Howard is what he is, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He is likely not getting bigger or more athletic, but he is always going to be a good shooter that has a quick release from anywhere on the court.

It really comes down to what a team wants and with shooting at a premium these days, there is definitely value in a player like Howard.

De'Ron Davis: The Colorado Hawks were completely manhandled by the Atlanta Celtics on Saturday and in this setting it is difficult for a big to succeed once his team is getting blown out.

Still, the Hawks made a minor run in the second half and Davis was really the only reason for it, as he got a three-point play and a few buckets in the paint.

Ira Lee: The Oakland Soldiers did not give a lot of minutes to Lee on Saturday mostly because it was participating in two tournaments at once and had to figure out a way to save energy.

Lee continues to work to get into shape and has lost about five pounds in the past month. His focus now is to get more muscle and he definitely seems to be in the best shape we have seen him in a while.

As of now, Lee’s best attributes are his ability to hit the glass and score inside, but it will be interesting to see how he grows as a player once he gets in shape after missing his sophomore season due to injury.

Daejon Davis: One of our favorite players in the west for 2017, Davis played an above average game on Saturday. He is extremely athletic and shows a fantastic ability to find the open man.

Davis has above average feel and does a good job of recognizing where to attack the defense.

It looks like Davis is still growing and at the very least he is going to mature, so we feel comfortable saying he is one of the better prospects in the west for his class.

Jalen McDaniels: Arizona saw McDaniels the past two days and it would not surprise us to see his recruitment pick up. He deserves more touches than he gets because when he got the ball on Saturday he generally did good things with it.

McDaniels looks the part of a future Pac-12 player, as he is about 6-foot-9 with long arms. He also has a baby face and one he gets stronger, will be much more effective.

Is McDaniels ready now? Probably not, but Arizona can definitely do much worse if it wants to take another post in 2016.

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