What's next for Scooby?

Although he wasn't in attendance, Scooby Wright got plenty of attention at the recent Pac-12 Media Day. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez had to say about him staying four years and more.

After last season, it’s not secret that Scooby Wright is Arizona’s best player. That’s why it came as a surprise to some that he did not attend the recent Pac-12 Media Day.

If everything goes as expected, it could be a part of Rich Rodriguez’s master plan.

“Scooby's not a senior,” Rodriguez said. “I always brought seniors and there is nothing wrong with bringing underclassmen.

“I thought maybe if I didn't bring him he would want to come here so bad next year that he'd come back for his senior year.”

Rodriguez also joked that Wright’s absence will help Wright’s reputation.

“Scooby probably is thanking me as we speak that he can be in the weight room right now and doing a few more curls,” Rodriguez said. “He might be getting another tattoo.

“I think he had a two-star Scooby; he might be putting one on that says "Still two-star Scooby." We'll talk about him quite a bit. The legend of Scooby Wright grows, but he's earned every bit of it.”

Arizona’s practice facility as a wall that features its All-Americans, but Wright is not ready to be added just yet.

“Before spring ball, Scooby, who doesn't say a lot anyway, kind of had this look saying, Coach, you're not going to put my picture up on that wall?

“I said, yeah, you're First Team All-American. Ka'Deem Carey's up on there, you deserve that. And Scooby said, can you wait until I'm done playing here?

“He knows if you put his picture up on the wall and he misses a tackle at practice or does something wrong we're going to tease him relentlessly like Mr. All-American right there, Scooby Wright, missed his tackle. So I granted his wishes.

“What I should have said is if you promise to play two more years at Arizona, then I won't put your picture up on the wall, but Scooby couldn’t care less about that stuff.”

Although he was never going to win it, there was some talk of Wright possibly being invited to New York for the Heisman ceremony.

In this day and age, the idea of a defensive player winning the Heisman seems far-fetched.

“It's going to be hard,” Rodriguez said. “I think with the way offenses can score and put up numbers today and just kind of the glamour that they'll get on that side of the ball, it would be extremely hard, no matter what numbers you put up.

“I was kind of tickled that Scooby and some of the defensive guys got some recognition last year. He had great numbers because he's a great player, but I don't see a defensive guy getting it.

“You have to be really, really dominant to win that trophy. Do I think does a defensive player deserve it sometimes? Probably, but I don't think it's going to happen.”

Considering how much Wright accomplished last season, what’s next for the junior linebacker?

“I think people said, well, there will be more,” Rodriguez said. “I think by the end of last year we moved him around quite a bit. People knew where the number 33 was. I think it will be more so this year, but Scooby's worked hard.

“In the spring and looking at him I think he's better now than he was a year ago, and he'd probably tell you the same thing when you get a chance to talk to him.

“We’ll try to do some special things because he's a better athlete than what people maybe have projected, but he's worked hard on his craft. That's the thing I love about Scooby. We call it OKG. He's our kind of guy. He still has the same chip on his shoulder as he did the day we recruited him.

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