Brown taking his time with recruitment

Jordan Brown is one of the top players in 2018. Read on to see what his father says about the Arizona offer and more.

2018 Roseville (Calif.) Woodcreek big man Jordan Brown showed the skills this summer of a player who figures to remain a five star recruit throughout the evaluation process.

“He’s a flexible kid,” said Dion Brown, Jordan’s father. “He likes to play with his back to the basket and impose himself on other guys and then step out and hit the jump shot then.

"He’s a little bit like Kevin Garnett in that he can do so many things, especially on defense. He has really long arms and he has the foot speed to be able to move with a variety of guys.”

Brown is already being recruited some of the most prestigious basketball programs in the country.

“We just got an offer from Arizona on Wednesday," Brown said. "UCLA has offered as well. Nevada as well, San Francisco also and a lot of other places are looking into him."

Arizona's interest started when Miller saw him at USA Basketball.

“Arizona watched him with USA basketball and told me that they were impressed with his aggressiveness and they were pretty high on him," Brown said.

"I spoke with Coach Miller and it was good. He seemed like he would like to have gotten in on Jordan earlier, but he’s a busy guy, so we totally get it.”

The Browns have no clue where the recruiting process will lead.

“We want to see how the coach is," Brown said. "We want a coach who really has a relationship with his players and a guy who is very engaged in what his guys are up to.

“To be honest, that is so far off that we haven’t given a lot of the future stuff much thought at all. He’s a really skinny 6-9 kid and we’re not sure where he will be a few years from now.

"I will say this: style of play isn’t huge for us because he can play really well in an up and down setting as well as in the half court.”

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