UA Football Notebook: Injuries and Intensity

After Saturday's practice, Rich Rodriguez discusses the intensity of practice, Carter Wood's season-ending injury, and more.

  • With the defense hollering from the sideline and coaches yelling from each angle, the intensity of practice Saturday was the highest it has been.

    "Normally as the days go on they get less spirited," Rich Rodriguez said. "Today was more. I don’t know if it is because we had great weather or shorter practice, but they came to work and I was pleased with it.

    "I think the intensity is probably as good for a fourth practice as we have had, if that makes sense. With no practice Sunday and Monday being the first day of pads, I expect Monday to be even better."

  • When asked what he could attribute the increased intensity to, Rodriguez pointed to the culture that has been created.

    "I think more than anything else it is the atmosphere that the guys before have kind of created," Rodriguez said. "Every year it has gotten a little bit better and I think it is because they understand how we practice and how we go about our business.

    "We don’t like to waste their time and everything is kind of short, quick, and intense. I find myself having to explain that a lot less now than I have each year and I think that is because the atmosphere has kind of taken hold."

  • Luca Bruno has had an impressive start to camp due in large part to his weight gain.

    "He had a great summer," Rodriguez said. "He is a whole lot bigger and stronger. He is ready to contribute at a couple of positions on defense and that’s good. I think he is hungry and he has got the size now to be an every down player."

  • Derrick Turituri is another player that Rodriguez expects to have a larger role this season.

    "I think he played a large role last season and had pretty good success," Rodriguez said. "He is one that loves football and obviously he loves the weight room, he’s got about every record we’ve got. He will move around a little bit, but he is better in space now than I think he was a year ago."

  • In unfortunate news, Arizona has lost center Carter Wood to a foot injury.

    "Unfortunately Carter Wood doesn’t look like he is going to be able to play because of injuries and medical," Rodriguez said. "It doesn’t look like Carter is going to be able to play at all. The doctors have told him it is going to be a chronic thing. I feel bad for him, but right now it doesn’t look good."

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