Arizona WR Tony Ellison ready for bigger role

Wide receiver Tony Ellison had to redshirt last season, but expects to have a much large role. Read on to see how he is preparing for that and more.

Redshirt Freshman wide receiver Tony Ellison was close to playing last season, but the coaching staff chose to get him ready for this season instead.

Now that his time has come, Ellison believes he is more ready than ever.

"I am just trying to get better," Ellison said. "I feel more experienced and comfortable now because I have been here for a year. I still have to work and try to get better.

"I thought I was going to be in a little better shape when I got here this year, but I think I have adapted pretty well. Last year was crazy, but now coming in here I feel comfortable and I think it is going to be a fun year."

When looking back on last season, Ellison believes he has come a long way in numerous areas.

"My physicality and being more mental with the game," he said. "Last year, especially in the spring, I was just kind of running out there and just being an athlete. Now I am starting to understand the defense more and understanding concepts."

With the progress he has made, Arizona has chosen to expand Ellison's role.

"In the spring I was a little more slot, but they are trying to see if I know inside and outside," Ellison said. "They are switching me around to see if I can handle it. I think I am doing a pretty good job, especially five days in."

Still, Ellison knows there is plenty of room for improvement and has learned plenty from the older receivers.

"For the most part just my route running," he said of what he has learned. "I wasn’t a receiver in high school. I was just running around doing sweep stuff.

"Using my hands a little more, running my routes, and staying balanced with what I am doing is what I have taken away from them those most."

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