Arizona WR Samajie Grant showing maturity

Arizona wide receiver Samajie Grant has matured both on and off the field in the past year. Read on to see how that is and more.

Arizona wide receiver Samajie Grant will be the first to admit that he wasn't as mature as he should have been upon arriving to campus.

"I have definitely matured on and off the field," Grant said. "Coaches scream at you, but I don’t give them attitude like I once did.

"I listen to them and I have finally figured out they are here just to help us. At first I thought they were picking on me, but now I understand."

That understanding has allowed for a relatively smooth start of camp, despite the defense challenging the offense on a daily basis.

"Things are going smooth," Grant said. "Our defense is running a crazy defense right now, so personally I am catching onto that and trying to read their coverages.

"You have one guy that looks like he is playing man and then you have the corner playing Cover 3, so it is kind of confusing. Other than that everything is going smooth."

Grant is not the only player on Arizona's offense that has seemingly matured since last season.

"When you are on the field with Anu you notice he sees everything quicker now," Grant said. "He is able to get the ball everywhere and he knows where everything is going now. That is obviously a big plus for all of us receivers."

In addition, Grant knows that his quarterback will have plenty of options.

"Tony Ellison and Shun Brown have been doing good, Cedric Peterson too," Grant said. "All of them are better than I was as a freshman.

"I know the next couple of years is going to be pretty good, but knowing we have returning seniors makes everything easier. Everything isn’t scattered around and everyone knows where to go."

The quicker the offense gets rolling the better, especially since Arizona does not have a bye this season.

"We try not to talk about it," Grant said. "When we first heard it everybody was wondering how we were going to do it.

"It didn’t put doubt in anybody’s mind, but it had a lot of players complaining. Now we don’t bring it up anymore. Only time we bring it up is when we are sarcastic because we have to run."

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