Basketball Authority Report: 2016 Recruiting

Even though Arizona recently lost T.J. Leaf, there are plenty of 2016 targets still on the board. For an update on that and the current team, read on.

Not only is Arizona trying to complete its 2016 class, but the current team recently finished workouts and is now on a break before practices begin.

In terms of recruiting, Arizona hosted Jaylen Hands, Andrew Jones, and Markelle Fultz this week.

each visit went well, but it will not be easy to land any of the three. As of now, Arizona probably has the best chance with Jones, but he has not given an indication that he is going to make a decision any time soon.

As far as the current team goes, the biggest story surrounding it is probably the overall strength and conditioning.

The freshmen have come in and been willing workers, which is important. Each one has put on considerable weight and muscle as they get closer to being able to physically compete with a better opposing talent level.

one player that might surprise with his physical shape is Mark Tollefsen. He came from San Francisco has a solid player, but one that was never really asked to gain weight.

Upon arriving to Arizona, the coaching staff wanted him to get bigger right away and he willingly did it. Tollefsen has put on a significant amount opf upper body weight and the hope is that he will be able to hold his own in the post.

Click here to for a recruiting update on the 2016 class.

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