Arizona Wildcats Football Heads to Ft. Huachuca

After an intense practice on Saturday morning, Arizona is headed to Ft. Huachuca. Read on to see why Rich Rodriguez believes that is important and more.

After a hot practice, he Arizona Wildcats are headed to Ft. Huachuca for dinner on Saturday night.

“We wanted a little bit of heat because it has been so cool for us, so at the end of practice it got a little uncomfortable, which was good,” Rich Rodriguez said.

“They have a nice afternoon and evening planned with a visit to Ft. Huachuca and a big team meeting tonight and tomorrow will be a meeting day.”

The schedule for the Ft. Huachuca visit has changed from past years, as the Wildcats will not practice there.

“The best thing we had up there was the dinner with the soldiers and officers,” Rodriguez said. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense to leave our great facility and go somewhere else, so we didn't want them to practice up there, but I didn’t want them to miss the day.

“We want to come back because I think we have a nice evening planned for our guys at the stadium.”

The dinner is a nice opportunity for the players to interact with soldiers that are often their age.

“We shared some similarities between my young guys and his young guys and some of the things we go through,” Rodriguez said. “A lot of football coaches equate this to being like battle, but it’s not nearly like that.

“We’re not putting our lives on the line like the troops are, but a lot of our guys and their guys are the same age and the sacrifice and discipline they have to have is paralleled pretty well.”

On Sunday, Arizona will take a day off from practice in order to work on some recovery.

“I think we may even do a little bit of Yoga,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t think I am going to make them put on Yoga pants, but we’re going to do some Yoga.

“I think from a flexibility standpoint and to get them stretched because they are all sore and tight. I think they have been doing a good job of getting in the cold pools and doing the recovery thing, but we’re going to go into the Richard Jefferson Gym and stretch a little bit.”

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