Arizona TE Trevor Wood ready to contribute

Arizona tight end Trevor Wood is more comfortable than he was last season. Read on to see why he thinks that will impact his role and more.

Arizona tight end Trevor Wood has come a long way since last season and while it is apparent he is bigger, the sophomores growth goes beyond that.

"The big difference is that while I got bigger, faster, and stronger, I understand the offense completely," Wood said.

"As a freshman you come in and the offense is thrown at you and you jumble it around. After you get a year in your belt and learn it, you really start to get it and understand why you are doing what you’re doing."

The competition at tight end is fierce and Wood acknowledges that one player is seemingly ahead of the pack.

"Everybody is working for the same spot, but at the same time we want each other to succeed," Wood said. "The best guys are going to play.

"Right now Josh Kern is going with the ones and Josh is a baller. I want nothing more than for Josh to succeed and have a great season."

Not only is Wood more confident in his teammates, but he also has confidence that the tight ends will see a larger role this season.

"Last year I was young and Josh was growing physically and mentally," Wood said. "I needed to get my head in the playbook and way bigger and stronger, so for them to see this year that we have made those changes and for them to trust us that we can make those plays, it makes you work harder.

"Now there’s plays for us to be the first option and not the second or the third. You can definitely see and feel that the tight ends are a big part of the offense now."

The tight ends aren't the only part of the offense that has gotten off to a strong start in camp.

"The biggest difference is that we had a young offense last year and now everybody is a step ahead," Wood said. "Even in the spring you could tell everybody was clicking and knew what they were doing.

"Now they put more of the offense in, it is the same thing. Everybody is learning it that much faster and doing that much better."

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