Wildcats' running back Jared Baker in great shape

Jared Baker is in his last year at Arizona and is hoping to go out with a bang. Read on to see how camp is going for him and more.

Senior running back Jared Baker knows that this is his last run and he is happy with how camp has progressed so far.

"Everything is going really well," Baker said. " I think we are really working hard and everybody is getting in the position and shape that Coach Rodriguez wants."

Baker's physical shape is noticeable and the running back believes this is the best he has looked in a while.

"This is the best shape I have been in since arriving at Arizona," he said. "It’s conditioning and just good work in the weight room. The strength staff has done a great job with all of us this year."

Even though Rodriguez has gone as far as to call Baker a co-starter, the senior is working to make sure that the younger players are ready for action.

"Guys like Nick, myself, Zachary Green, and even Haden are the older guys," Baker said. "We are doing whatever we can to help all of the younger guys.

"They're doing really well. They are picking it up quicker than I ever did and doing a real good job."

With so many running backs on the roster competing, has anything changed for Baker?

"There is a lot of repetition and competition," Baker said, "To be honest, not a lot beyond that has changed."

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