Authority Report: A look at UA's Depth Chart

This week's Arizona Football Authority Report discusses the progression of Anu Solomon and takes a closer look at the current depth chart. Read on for the latest.

There are numerous storylines getting attention in camp, but one overlooked aspect of Arizona's camp is how well Anu Solomon has been doing.

We know it is just camp, but Solomon plays and talks like a much more confident quarterback than he was last year. In fact, his teammates believe the same.

"We don’t believe in him any more than we did last year," Trevor Wood said. "We believed in him last year too.

"He’s definitely had the team behind him. I personally can tell the difference with how much he understands the offense and leadership and all that."

Numerous players on the offense share Wood's opinion, as they believe Solomon took the ending of last season hard and has now turned it into making himself a better quarterback.

Solomon has been one of the more consistent parts of Arizona's offense and considering he is the first returning quarterback at Arizona under Rich Rodriguez, that's about as an important part of the offense as you can get.

Click here for an in-depth look at the current depth chart.

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