Video: Reggie Gilbert feeling comfortable

Senior defensive end Reggie Gilbert discusses being accustomed to camp, helping out younger players, and more.

Reggie Gilbert has seen his fair share of camps while playing on the defensive line at Arizona, so it is understandable that he is comfortable going into his final one.

"I'm more able to sit back," Gilbert said. "I am still working, but it is funny to see how the younger guys react to our style of play and our style of practice."

Not only is there a difference in the way that Gilbert has started camp, but he is also happy with how his teammates are looking.

"I feel like everybody is more comfortable," he said. "Last year everybody bought in, but this year I feel like everybody has really bought in.

"I am pretty proud to see the way our guys worked in the off-season. I am pretty excited to see how that plays out."

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