Arizona Safety Tellas Jones not looking ahead

Tellas Jones has patiently waited behind Jared Tevis, but now it is his turn. Read on to see what he says about finally starting for Arizona and more.

Tellas Jones has patiently waited his turn at safety, as he was stuck behind Jared Tevis. Now that Tevis has graduate, Jones will be counted on to fill his spot.

“I don’t think I am 100 percent ready, but I will be more ready as time goes on,” Jones said.

“I want to know the plays inside out and have my body ready, camaraderie with the other defensive backs like Will Parks and the free safeties.”

Having to sit behind Tevis certainly was not a negative, especially when you consider how much Jones has learned.

“I learned about playing hard and holding yourself accountable,” Jones said. “Trying to be the model for other players. I always think I played hard, but I play smarter now. “

Jones has always had the physical tools, but it now appears that the mental aspect of the game has caught up as well.

“I know what to expect,” he said. “I’m not out there thinking and running around like a chicken with his head cut off. I know where I am supposed to be and I can help other players.”

There is plenty of competition on defense, which is why Jones does not want to get too confident about his future.

“I always think having depth and competition brings the best out of players,” he said. “We have a good two deep at a lot of positions, but guys are also working hard to get better.

“I feel like it is my time when I get out there and play. Right now I am working and trying to earn myself a spot. I haven’t arrived. I need to get on the field first.”

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