Video: Anu Solomon discusses improvement

Arizona Quarterback Anu Solomon discusses what throw he is the most comfortable with, his confidence, and more.

Despite having one of the best freshman season in school history, Arizona quarterback Anu Solomon saw plenty of room for improvement.

Although it is only camp, Solomon's improvement seems evident, especially in the way that he is making more of an effort with certain types of throws.

"This year I challenged myself to throw in the middle," Solomon said. "Last year I wasn't very good at throwing in the middle.

"This year I am focusing on putting more mustard on the ball, throwing it in the middle and making sure I don’t have that extra little touch."

Solomon is hoping his improvement is contagious and believes that this year's offense will be even better than last season's.

"I would say the wide receivers have that experience of seeing coverages and knowing what to do and what not to do," Solomon said of why the offense is improved.

We won't truly know how much Solomon has improved until we see him against real competition, but if camp is any indication, the Wildcats will be more than fine. 

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