Arizona's Jacob Alsadek embracing competition

Arizona offensive lineman Jacob Alsadek discusses getting better, the freshmen, and more.

Offensive lineman Jacob Alsadek is happy with the progress of the offensive line so far, but realizes that there is always room for improvement.

"We have some stuff we have to work on, but we have to take it day by day and play by play," Alsadek said. "The competition is definitely there and it makes everybody better."

One of the main competitions has been at center, but Alsadek does not feel it makes any type of impact on the rest of the line. 

"It’s just like a quarterback because they are going to make the same calls," Alsadek said. "Maybe a little different style of play, but it doesn’t matter who is in there as long as he is getting the job done."

In addition to center, the freshmen are competing to make an early impression on the coaching staff.

"They all have played well," Alsadek said. "Cody Creason is a really good player and moves his feet well. I think he has a lot of potential.

"Nathan Eldridge is a big, strong kid and he is smart too. Alex Kosinski is a really hard worker and he is a good kid too. They are all really hard workers and that is what it takes to get somewhere in this program."

The ideal situation is that the competition will lead to increased depth.

"It’s going to be nice because we do have 12 straight, so if we can rotate a little bit it will make the season a lot better and easier on your body," Alsadek said.

"Hopefully by like week 8 your body isn’t done. Having depth, you have a lot of guys that want to play and want to work. That’s also a big positive."

It's hard to ignore the fact that the Wildcats will not have a bye week this season and it's something that's not lost on Alsadek.

"I think not having a bye week, I’ve never done it, but I have heard it’s really hard," he said. "I am trying to take it day by day.

"When you have a bye week, you are still going full pads three days a week too. It’s not that much different in my opinion as of right now, but we will find out."

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