Video: Rich Rodriguez on Saturday's scrimmage

Arizona football head coach Rich Rodriguez shares his thoughts on Saturday's scrimmage, overall depth, and more.

The offense stood out in Saturday's scrimmage, but Rich Rodriguez did not want to read too much into the performance on either side of the ball. 

“I thought it was okay," Rodriguez said. "It was probably a typical end of camp scrimmage where there is some pretty good intensity. I don’t see anyone with the trainers, so that’s a good sign.

"I don’t think we tackled very well and we have to clean up some stuff. We got about 95-100 plays in. There was a little bit of heat, so we were tested a little bit, which is good. I’ll have a better idea after I watch the film. We’ll watch it as a team this afternoon before we go to the hotel tonight."

Anu Solomon was the bright spot in the scrimmage, as showed the ability to throw balls he pretty much never threw last season.

"I think more than anything, he understands and anticipates not just the situations that come up, but the calls that are made after and where he’s going to go with the ball," Rodriguez said. "You can almost equate it to being a point guard.

"A quarterback in our system is a little different. He has got to be in tune on every play. He has to know where all 11 of our guys need to be and where all 11 of those guys are going to be."

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