UA's Kendal Franklin learning from Scooby

Freshman linebacker Kendal Franklin came to Arizona to learn from Scooby Wright. Read on to see what he says about that experience so far.

Arizona freshman linebacker Kendal Franklin has had to learn plenty upon arriving to Arizona, but enjoyed his first camp experience.

"Camp was very intense competing and getting after it," Franklin said. "It was very new and interesting, but it was fun.

"The biggest transition has been learning to be strictly a linebacker. Coming from a 4-3 defense I was a tweener rushing the edge and now I am just standing up most of the time and doing what linebackers do."

It took some time, but Franklin has worked hard to make sure he got as comfortabloe as he could as quickly as possible.

"I think I am comfortable now," Franklin said. "Once I got the playbook down at the beginning of camp everything got real easier.

"Within the second week I learned the playbook and I got my motions and drops together, which was the hardest thing to do."

The transition has been made much easier by being able to play alongside the best linebacker in the country.

"Scooby has been my influence during the whole recruitment process and when I was in high school," Franklin said. "He has been my guy. Every time we got to individual he teaches me everything he knows and I just rub off some Louisiana on him.

"Scooby is a hard worker. I almost died at some of his workouts, but if you’re going to be the best, you have to do what the best does."

Franklin is not shy about the fact that he wants to mirror what Wright has accomplished at Arizona. 

"That was part of my decision coming here," Franklin said. "I saw a man winning all the awards that I want to win, so go play next to him and learn everything he does.

"If you want to be good, you have somebody that is doing it, so go learn from him."

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