UA meeting expectations for Darick Holmes

Arizona freshman wide receiver Darick Holmes has adjusted well early on. Read on to see why that is and more.

Like most freshmen that arrive to Arizona, wide receiver Darick Holmes is quick to answer when asked about the biggest adjustment he has made so far. 

"I think the tempo and speed were the biggest adjustments and surprise," Holmes said. "I thought in high school my offense was fast, but everything is faster here.

"It is a faster tempo, pace, movement, everything. I had to learn how to be not tired every time."

In order to make sure the adjustment went well for Holmes, two older players have given him advice.

"Samajie and Nate Phillips have helped me out a lot," Holmes said. "They have taught me about route running and reading coverages.

"Our offense is based off reading coverages, so if you know how to do that, you will do well in this offense.

"They told me not to think too much and just play and be yourself out there. Just let the game come to you."

Tony Dews was in charge of recruiting Holmes to Arizona and he has delivered on his pitch so far.

"Coach Dews is a great guy, but he will get on you," Holmes said. "He wants the best for you and see you achieve great things.

"There have been no surprises at all because when I committed to Arizona, they told me everything to expect. I came in here to work my butt off and I am happy with what I have done."

Now it is a matter of turning what he has done into playing time.

"There’s no expectations," Holmes said. "If I play I play and if I don’t, I don’t. I just want the best for the team, so whatever I can do to help the team my first year.

"I love competition. I am competing with older guys, but they are also helping me run better routes and learning the plays and how to read coverages. 

"It is easy to handle because I have always been around competition. I love being able to have guys better than me because I can learn from them and it helps me get better."


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