UA's Demetrius Flannigan confident in ability

Despite not playing his senior year of high school, Demetrius Flannigan has not missed a step. Read on to see why that is and more.

There was some thought that sitting out his senior season would stunt the growth of Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles. This didn’t happen and he never lost faith in the player he would become.

“I’m not really surprised that I’ve been able to play well,” Flannigan-Fowles said. “Even though I wasn’t able to play last season, I was mentally preparing and working off the field to make it happen.”

Flannigan Fowles thanks his would-be high school football coach for much of his preparation.

“Even though I wasn’t able to play for him, Coach Bam was the best," he said. "He knows a lot about what I would need to do and just had me ready. Even though I didn’t play, I was getting better.”

A player who just looks different than his classmates, Flannigan-Fowles possesses many ideal physical traits.

“I think being a big guy that can move around has surprised some people," he said. "When I go out on the field there aren’t many wide receivers that i have to look up to. The more I work out the more I’m getting comfortable at the safety position. 

“I feel good about my ability to cover, but I need to keep building up my lower body strength so I can get into the pile and move some players around.”

There will be many close friends watching his improvement on a game by game basis.

“It means a lot to play in front of a lot of the people that I grew up with," Flannigan-Fowles said.

"A lot of the players out there are the kind of players and coaches who helped me get to the point I am and get to the point where I can go out and play Division I football. Playing football at Arizona is something that is ideal for me and I’m ready to play.”

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