Experience helping tight end Matt Morin

Matt Morin credits previous experience for his smooth transition to Arizona. Read on to find out why that is and more.

It once seemed that Arizona tight end Matt Morin was destined to be a high profile baseball player, but now it is football that he is focused on. In both sports, Morin sees similarities.

“On the surface, it’s not like there are a ton of things that are the same between baseball and football,” Morin said. “But the one thing that playing baseball really did for me was show me how to prepare and train like a professional on a daily basis.

“When a I came over to play football there was obviously a totally different training routine that I had to follow, but as far as getting into a set schedule or something like that it was really easy to fall back on."

In addition, Morin is a bit older than your common freshman.

“I think being a little older has helped me too because I’m just a little further along in life than a lot of these guys are, but when it comes to the football field we’re all trying to do pretty much the same thing," Morin said.

Morin’s passion for football is growing by the day.

“I love it," he said. "I loved my time in baseball, but football has been everything that I thought it would be. It really has.

"The coaches are super tough but they are also really good guys. Really good guys. And they’re straight with you"

With a more concentrated effort by the coaching staff to get tight ends involved, Morin is intrigued by what the future holds.

“I’m excited," he said. "Coach wants to get the tight end position more looks and I think when you look at the guys that are out there competing, it looks like we could do some big things.

"I’m excited to see where the next few seasons take me on and off the field.”

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