Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez holds his weekly press conference

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez held his weekly presser on Monday.

* Rich Rodriguez did not waste any time in giving an injury report on Monday, starting with quarterback Anu Solomon.

"Anu went out with a concussion," Rodriguez said. "He is going to be day to day. We don’t know what his status is going to be, whether he can play Saturday or not.

"His status for the game is certainly in question right now and we will see how he responds. If he can’t go, it will be up to Jerrard Randall and Brandon Dawkins to run the offense and we will work with them all week."

* Solomon is not the only play that is likely to be out Saturday.

"Scooby’s knee was fine, but he landed on his right foot at some point in the game and sprained his right foot," Rodriguez said. "We were concerned it might have been more than that, but Scooby will be out for several weeks with a sprained foot.

"Our linebacker situation has been sketchy anyway, but having Scooby out several weeks is something we will have to deal with. I don’t know if Derrick Turituri can play, he is a little banged up, so we are hoping he can have a good week in recovery."

* Without Solomon, Arizona will work to get both Jerrard Randall and Brandon Dawkins prepared to play. 

"Some of it is decision making and some if it is having the right play called and guys getting open," Rodriguez said. "He can run just about the whole offense, but he does certain things better than others, so you want to feature that.

"The challenge for us to being able to feature three different scenarios with three different aspects of the offense, depending on who the quarterback is. We kind of do that a little bit during practice, but this week it has to be a focal point.

"Brandon has not played a lot, but he is in his second year of the system. I have more confidence in him and this will be a big week for him to get prepared."

* There are some similarities when comparing what Randall and Dawkins are able to do.

"Jerrard is faster, Brandon is taller," Rodriguez said. "Jerrard may have the strongest arm of any quarterback I have ever coached, but getting him settled down and not making the throws so hard is something we have been working with him on.

"Brandon has a nice feel for the game. He is athletic and can run a little bit. They are more similar than different, but the biggest thing they lack is experience in live situations."

* Quarterback definitely isn't the only position that will be worked on, especially after Cayman Bundage struggled with his snaps against UCLA. 

"There were a few in this game that were off, but one snap was just dropped and the one high one was one that wasn’t there," Rodriguez said.

"I think more than the speed of the game, Cayman gets so fired up sometimes he wants to just fire out and his snap mechanics suffer because of that. I think getting him to calm down a little bit more than anything else will help him be consistent with his snaps."

* Unfortunately, Arizona's schedule doesn't get any easier with a road game at Stanford.

'Big, physical guys," Rodriguez said. "They have explosive running backs. They look the part and are kind of hitting their groove. I think the first game against Northwestern was the typical first game for a lot of teams.

"Since that point, USC is extremely talented, and they did a lot of good things against them. Our guys know we are playing a well-coached, physical, ranked team on the road. We have to be ready to go."

* With so many teams running the spread offense, Stanford has to be considered unique.

"They do more formation wise and personnel grouping wise than you think," Rodriguez said. "They are going to come downhill and run the power and iso, but they will do it with multiple personnel groupings.

"They have a fifth year quarterback that is experienced and can make all the throws. They are kind of hitting their groove right now. We have to do a better job recognizing what is coming at us defensively, but also getting off blocks and making tackles."

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