10/5 Rich Rodriguez press conference notes

Rich Rodriguez met with the media Monday to discuss injuries, Oregon State, and more.

* Quarterback Jerrard Randall obviously could have played better against Stanford, but Rich Rodriguez said he was able to do less than normal because of a hamstring injury.

“I thought he saw the field pretty well," Rodriguez said. "He didn't have a lot of missed assignments mentally. He wasn't 100 percent, his hamstring was bothering him more than he led on.

"We knew it was bothering him a little bit and he didn't have the same kind of burst and explosiveness that he had earlier. That limited him somewhat, but hopefully he will be better this week.”

* There remains a possibility that Randall will get another start, as Anu Solomon has yet to be cleared.

“Anu is still day-to-day," Rodriguez said. "He did not do anything last night (in walk-through). Again, the doctors and the medical staff will make the determination whether he can play or not this week.

“I don’t think he can go the entire week without taking any reps and be able to play effectively on Saturday. Some guys could. NFL guys can do that. It’s harder than for college quarterbacks to do that.”

* Sir Thomas Jackson is listed as the starter at middle linebacker, but Rodriguez ultimately still wants more production.

“He is an older guy," Rodriguez said. "He’s been around a little bit, and been in that scheme. He played hard, but he’s just not big. Stanford is pretty good up front. He is pretty active and he plays hard, but we just need to get better production. It’s on the coaches and the players and it’s on everything.”

* Any time you have a team that is getting blown out, there is a worry about the overall team morale.

“You just keep working," Rodriguez said. "It’s hard when you come back on Sunday at four in the morning and you have to turn around and have meetings and walkthroughs and stuff like that. The good thing about it is that you can move on.

"Every week is a better opportunity. Our guys have been pretty mature about everything, I have been pleased with their attitude. Yesterday’s walkthrough was ok. Tomorrow will be good. I would be shocked and disappointed if our guys aren’t competing as best as they can every week."

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