Staff Predictions: Colorado

Arizona faces Colorado on Saturday and makes its picks.

Cody James Martin: This game is hard to read because Colorado has looked good at times and bad at times. On the other hand, so has Arizona. It's going to be a fun game to watch because both offenses can probably out duel the opposing defense.

In the end, Anu Solomon makes the difference, leading his team down the field on the final drive. Casey Skowron kicks a game winning field goal and Arizona survives Boulder.

Arizona 34, Colorado 31

Overall: 6-0

Michael Luke: I have a great deal of respect for Mike McIntyre and I do believe he can win at Colorado, but that is a ways off.

Quite frankly, this team is not very good. The Colorado offense is decent, but Liufau gets hit way too much. It will be a major cause of concern if the Wildcats don't sack him multiple times.

Defensively, I see no indication that Colorado will be able to stop Arizona with or without Nick Wilson.

Arizona 41, Colorado 17

Overall: 6-0

Jason Scheer: When the head coach of a college guarantees a win, it's not the same as when a player does it and that's something that's not lost on Rich Rodriguez.

I have no idea why Colorado went out and guaranteed a win, but it is going to backfire. I thought Arizona was going to win before the guarantee because I don't see how the Buffs are going to contain the run, and I definitely don't see it now.

Look for this game to be close early because of the atmosphere, but it doesn't last long, as a couple of rushing touchdowns take the crowd out of it.

Arizona 42, Colorado 24

Overall: 5-1

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