Red and Blue Game Player Analysis

Arizona's Red and Blue Game was on Saturday and there were plenty of observations to be made.

I don’t read too much into individual performances in a scrimmage, but there were still plenty of observations to be made.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright: T.J. McConnell struggled in the Red and Blue game as well and a lot of that has to do with the point guards wanting to make the other guys look good. PJC will be just fine, but he didn’t do much on Saturday, as he failed to score. However, he did finish with four assists.

Gabe York: We got a good look at what York could be this season. He definitely was the most aggressive scorer in the game, finishing 4-11 from the field. York scored a basket or two in the lane, but he is still at his best when is feet are set. We assume York will take the most shots on the team this season and he was certainly looking for it on Saturday.

Ray Smith: The freshman started off well, but kind of disappeared as the scrimmage went on. He finished with eight points and five fouls with two of his four misses coming from behind the arc. Smith is a better shooter than he showed on Saturday and he will be just fine, so his performance isn’t anything to worry about.

Ryan Anderson: I thought Anderson was one of the best players in the scrimmage on Saturday. He isn’t going to go out and dominate, but he is quietly going to go about his business and score 15 points and 8 rebounds and probably be the most consistent player on the team. Anderson has gotten significantly stronger, especially around the basket and he played very well.

Chance Comanche: The freshman center player well, though we’re guessing Sean Miller never wants to see him shoot a baseline three again. Comanche absolutely needs to get stronger before he can be expected to contribute, but the talent is there and he has already gotten significantly stronger since arriving to campus.

Justin Simon: There wasn’t much to write about on Simon. That doesn’t mean he played poorly, because he didn’t. Rather, he tried to get his teammates involved, played legitimate defense, and had plenty of fun out there. 

Kadeem Allen: This was our first viewing of Allen and he looked pretty good. He seemed like a true combo guard, though we like him a bit better at the two. Allen’s shot did not fall, but he was crafty around the basket and made the right decisions once he got into the lane. Obviously we want to see more of Allen, but he was just fine on Saturday.

Allonzo Trier: Fans got a little taste of what Trier can do, as he scored on a jumper, in the lane, and in transition as well. He finished with nine points and showed what he is, which is a pure scorer. Trier will improve in other areas, but in terms of scoring ability, Arizona doesn’t have many better on its roster. 

Dusan Ristic: Arizona’s sophomore center is bigger, stronger, and better. He took a defender off the dribble from 12 feet out, dunked in the lane, and had a step under. Ristic’s offense is extremely advanced and if his defense keeps improving, there may not be many better centers in the conference.

Mark Tollefsen: The San Francisco transfer was easily one of the most impressive players, finishing with 13 points on 5-5 shooting, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists. He scored in the post and also hit a three. We’re not convinced that he can defend the perimeter, but we are convinced that Tollefsen will be able to be effective on offense.

Elliott Pitts: There wasn’t much from Pitts that we haven’t seen before. He hit two shots from behind the arc, got a few rebounds and assists, played hard, and defended. He is never going to be the best player on the team, but he is good enough for Miller to trust him and get minutes in crucial situations because of it. 

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