Does Arizona have a Quarterback Controversy?

Arizona is not naming a quarterback starter for this weekend's game against Washington State.

It has been generally accepted each week this season that Anu Solomon would be the starting quarterback.

However, on this week’s depth chart, Solomon is listed as a co-starter with Jerrard Randall.

“Who knows, he might start,” Rodriguez said of Randall. “Maybe. I told the team, it is no different from any other position. Everybody competes every day. 

“If you have a starting pitcher, maybe his location is off, so you bring in a relief guy. Anu is a good player. 

“He didn't hang his head, he came in and threw a nice touchdown pass against Colorado. They will compete all week in practice. I feel I have two guys that I have complete confidence in.”

Solomon did not play well against Colorado, but Rodriguez did not want to put all the blame on him.

“It wasn’t all Anu,” Rodriguez said. “When we were struggling offensively, I didn't think our route running was crisp and we missed a couple things up front. 

“Anu is a competitor and he will get better each week. One thing I really like is they are really conscience. It is not just Anu or the quarterbacks, it is the receivers too. They want to do everything right.”

One reason why Randall is support is his ability to run, but Rodriguez feels that Solomon does not run nearly as much as he is capable of.

“I can’t give you all the conversations I had with Anu because some of them aren’t printable, but I told Anu he is a better runner than even he believes,” Rodriguez said.

“He is athletic and he can make runs. It is just a process of learning. He is not going to run as fast as Jerrard, so we just have to convince him to have the confidence to do it.”

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