Arizona to play Randall and Solomon at UW

On Monday, Rich Rodriguez announced that both Anu Solomon and Jerrard Randall would play on Saturday.

For the second week in a row, quarterback Jerrard Randall played better than starter Anu Solomon. However, that doesn't mean that Rich Rodriguez is ready to announce a permanent change.

"He didn't play poorly," Rodriguez said of Solomon. "There are a couple plays we would like to have back, just like anybody else. I think more than anything for us, when I made a change, it was more to get a spark offensively and more of what we wanted to run that fits Jerrard’s skill set."

Rodriguez believes that both Randall and Solomon are capable of starting for the Wildcats.

"I still think Anu is a very good player and consider him a starting quarterback," he said. "I think Jerrard has done enough to consider him a starting quarterback. Anu is playing some pretty good football. I feel that we are a better team when we have them in there at different times."

Randall has improved considerably since the start of the season and Rodriguez is quick to remind people that it is due in large part to his lack of college experience.  

"Technically he is only a second year player," Rodriguez said. "Every game he plays in he gets more confident. Not only in himself, but us and him. They practice both parts of the offense, but inevitably he is better at some things and Anu is better at some things and we plan accordingly."

The ideal situation is that Solomon and Randall would be more well-rounded, but that is not the case and has forced Arizona's hand a bit.

"Jerrard is pretty sharp," Rodriguez said. "I think sometimes you get labeled as a runner or a thrower, but we want him to do both. When we are most effective is when a guy can do both.

"They need to do both and I think they know that. As Jerrard gets more experience he gives us an explosive player at that position and it makes us hard to defend, so why not play them both?"

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