Wildcats have numerous issues to overcome

As Arizona tries to get back into the win column, Rich Rodriguez has numerous issue he needs to help the Wildcats overcome.

It seems that Arizona has tired nearly every personnel combination it can this season in hope of finding the right fit.

In fact, at Arizona's current pace, it may not be long before the Wildcats run out of options.

"If we haven’t, we’re exhausting them now," Rich Rodriguez said. "Any time a coach complains about injuries it sounds like an excuse. When I talk to the defensive staff, the difference is when you are moving around and have inexperience, you can’t do as much."

Patience can quickly run out, but that doesn't mean Arizona can rush into things.

"You try to outsmart yourself by doing all this stuff and then they are even more hesitant to go and make plays," Rodriguez said. "As coaches we’re not going to push guys to come back sooner than the medical staff and guys feel they re ready to."

One issue Arizona can likely fix is at center, where Cayman Bundage has been inconsistent with his snaps.

"Cayman is playing well, but a couple snaps were off," Rodriguez said. "He had extra sessions with Jim Michalczik after every practice, but when we get a few of them they can be really negative plays.

"We’re going to keep working with him. If he is not playing center, he is probably going to playing guard for us. We’re going to work with him at center because when he is snapping well he is a pretty good football player at that position."

The secondary is also of major concern and it is difficult to ignore the injuries that Arizona's defense has suffered as a whole.

"When you are playing before you are really ready to play, we try not to put them in a position where they won’t have much success," Rodriguez said. "Our corner position has been up and down, safety has gotten hurt at different times.

"It has not been fun. I have never been where in your third or fourth game of the year, you’re on your fifth Mike linebacker."

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