Washington Offensive Preview

Washington's offense has struggled this season, but running back Myles Gaskin leads the way as one of the better backs in the conference.

After facing one of the best offenses in the Pac-12, Arizona will now face one of the worst. However, that should come with a warning, as the Washington Huskies still have some talent on that side of the ball and Arizona hasn’t stopped anybody lately.

Washington has some questions at quarterback because Jake Browning has been battling injury, but we’re going to go ahead and assume he is playing this weekend.

The 6-foot-2, 206-pound freshman has been inconsistent this season, but most freshmen at his position would be.

Browning has completed 62 percent of his passes for an average of 222 yards per game to go along with six touchdowns and five interceptions.

He has not shown much of an arm this season and tends to get into a funk, but there is a reason he is the starting quarterback. 

Browning is not a threat to run at all, which is nice, but Arizona will still have to cover better than it has been because Browning is good enough to take advantage.

His life is made much easier by the fact that he has one of the better young running backs in the Pac-12 running behind him.

Freshman Myles Gaskin has run for at least 100 yards and a score in his last three games, including matchups with Stanford, Oregon, and USC.

Gaskin is likely excited at the prospect of facing an Arizona defense that is struggling in nearly every aspect.

What makes Gaskin unique is that even though he is not big, at 5-foot-9, 192 pounds, he has enough weight on him to run with authority and enough speed to get in the open field.

The Huskies have potential at wide receiver, though it has been a struggle getting them the ball. 

Senior Jaydon Mickens leads Washington with 25 catches and is second with 234 yards and one touchdown. 

His average isn’t great, at only nine yards per catch, but he is a much better receiver than his numbers indicate.

The receiver that Arizona is worried about the most is a tight end, as 6-foot-4, 226-pound Joseph Perkins has 21 catches for 264 yards and a score.

If the weather is as bad as it is expected to be, it is difficult to imagine Washington getting its passing game going. This one seems likely to be decided on the ground and the Huskies are probably just fine with that considering they have Gaskin. 

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