Staff Predictions: Washington

Arizona faces Washington on Saturday and makes its predictions.

Michael Luke: Even though Washington has a very good defense and a significant home field advantage, I believe that Jerrard Randle, assuming he decides to run, can be a huge trump card for Arizona.

I maintain serious doubts that Randall will be able to make any plays through the air, but, I also don't think that Solomon will be able to make enough plays to compensate for a lack of mobility.

Without the threat of a Washington passing game, look for Arizona's defense to be surprisingly good.

Arizona 21, Washington 16

Overall: 8-0

Cody James Martin: Rich Rodriguez has his team focused on the task at hand. The Wildcats seem to be looking at this weekend as a make or break game and it very well could be that way. Even with the rain, I think Arizona is able to utilize both quarterbacks effectively and put just enough points on the board to come away with the win. I like what Chris Petersen has done at Washington, but I'm not sure that there is enough there to top the Wildcats.

Arizona 35, Washington 34

Overall: 7-1

Jason Scheer: If the weather is going to be as bad as advertised, this is going to be one awful game to watch. Arizona's defense is lacking this season, but so is Washington's offense. The guess here is that Arizona loads the box to take the run away and dares Jake Browning or beat it, which he has yet to show the capability to do.

This could be Jerrard Randall's biggest opportunity this season and Arizona needs him to come up big because it needs to run the ball.

The mood around practice was about as serious as I have seen since Rich Rodriguez arrived in Tucson and I think it pays off on Saturday.

Arizona 24, Washington 23

Overall: 6-2

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