Rodriguez searching for answers after loss

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez was left searching for answers after Arizona's 49-3 loss to Washington on Saturday.

After Saturday’s embarrassing loss to Washington, Rich Rodriguez’s answers on what Arizona needs to do to improve were easy: everything.

“Coach better, work a little harder,” Rodriguez said. “We don’t have a lot of time. We have to coach a little better.”

Arizona couldn’t do anything right and Rodriguez chose to shoulder much of the blame.

“They did whatever they wanted on offense, defense, and special teams,” he said. They got off blocks, tackled well, covered well. We didn’t execute or call good plays. We didn’t do anything well really.

“We have to call plays we can execute and get guys into spots and when we get them into spots hope they make a play.”

Practice is often times an indicator of how a team is going to perform, but that wasn’t the case this past week.

“I think practice was pretty good, but practice has always been pretty good,” Rodriguez said.

In what has become a theme, Arizona once again battled a significant injury as running back Nick Wilson did not make the trip to Seattle.

However, with the way the offensive line played, his presence may not have made much of a difference.

“It didn’t look like there were a lot of openings,” Rodriguez said. “Sometimes there were five man boxes and we couldn’t run it and when that happens, you’re in for a long night.”

Like any coach, Rodriguez has had ups and downs in his career, but he admits this is about as low as he has gotten.

“Last week and this week,” he said. “This was as disappointed as I have ever been probably.”

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