No solution in sight for Wildcats

As bad as Arizona has been this season, it will likely have to get worse before it can get better.

As Arizona fans take a look at the current roster and remaining schedule, it is natural to wonder how the coaching staff can fix the current issues and get Arizona back on the right track.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t on the current roster.

Sure, getting guys like Nick Wilson, Scooby Wright, and Derrick Turituri would be a big step forward, but is it enough?

There’s absolutely no doubt that Wright and Turituri coming back would improve the defense, but a large chunk of that is because any capable player would improve the defense.

Getting two linebackers back doesn’t change the fact that Arizona’s defensive line is sorely missing talent on the defensive line, corners that can consistently cover, and any kind of depth.

You can make the argument the pass rush would be better with Scooby and Turituri, but it definitely wouldn’t answer the major problems that exist on the entire defense.

Of course, now the issue isn’t just on the defensive side of the ball. Rich Rodriguez has no confidence in his quarterbacks despite him getting up in front of the media and saying differently.

When you are losing like Arizona has been, you tend to lose patience. It’s apparent Rodriguez has lost patience by the fact that he can’t decide on which quarterback gives Arizona a better chance of winning.

Anu Solomon hasn’t been the same since he got a concussion, but the reality is that he wasn’t very good before then.

Solomon has struggled with man coverage since arriving to Arizona and picked on weaker teams, which was the pattern earlier in the season as well.

When opposing teams put him under pressure, there’s a good chance Solomon is going to fold and overthrow his receivers.

On the other side, Jerrard Randall struggled to throw whether he is under pressure or not. He’s more of an athlete at quarterback as opposed to a true signal caller.

The positive side of this is that even when he is not throwing well, his speed and athletic ability give Arizona a chance and you can’t say the same for Solomon.

However, it’s hard to think that either quarterback is going to be successful when the head coach is switching every drive and, on Saturday, even in the middle of drives.

Simply put, the players that can fix the problems Arizona is currently having aren’t on the roster.

You can blame the coaching staff, players, schemes, and basically whatever you want, but this season isn’t turning around.

There’s always hope for an upset, but that just doesn’t seem likely when you consider Arizona is getting worse with each game.

This has the feeling of a season that needs to end so the coaching staff can address the problems with the program, but it’s almost unfortunate that there are three games worse and things will likely get worse before they get better. 

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