Justin Holt solid in commitment to Arizona

Defensive tackle Justin Holt discusses his commitment status to Arizona.

Salpointe 2016 defensive tackle Justin Holst is one of the best football players in Tucson and while he didn’t get to compete for a state championship as a senior, there were some bright spots.

“We didn’t achieve all the team goals that we set out this season because we missed the playoffs and when you’re at a school like Salpointe you expect to compete at the highest level,” Holt said.

“Individually, I thought I did really well though. I finished with five and a half sacks and 80 tackles, which is about 20 more tackles than I had all of last season.

"I had a feeling coming into the year that I would be able to put up some nice numbers and the fact that it actually happened does feels really good.”

Arizona continues to look for more recruits like Holt.

“I talk with Coach Casteel every week," Holt said. "They really like me and they think that I play the position that they could utilize me at. I like to get in the trenches and plug up gaps, but also get to the backfield.

"It’s a role that I’ve envisioned for a long time and when Arizona and some other Pac-12 teams started looking at me I knew that it was a real possibility and, if anything, it shot my training into another level, mainly because I knew the results were paying off.”

The recent skid doesn’t dissuade Holt that Arizona is the perfect destination for his college football career.

“It’s certainly tough to see Arizona playing like this, but they’ve been so beat up that it would be hard for any place to continue to win," he said. "I’m as solid as can be on my commitment.”

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