Melquise Stovall getting closet to a decision

Melquise Stovall recently visited Arizona and is now getting closer to a decision.

Despite the disappointing turn in the season, the Arizona football program is still receiving interest from some of the best players in the country, including Lancaster (Calif.) Paraclete athlete Melquise Stovall, who was on recently on campus.

“The Arizona visit was fun,” Stovall said. “Seeing how the team played showed me the kind of back that I can be, and like Coach Rodriguez said, his offenses really rely on being able to get the running back going and everything opens up from there.”

Stovall seems to be enjoying the recruiting process.

“My visits so far have been really good and when I look at the places that are recruiting me, I feel blessed knowing that I will go to a good place," he said.

"Notre Dame and Utah and Arizona all have things that I like about the schools. All have had good seasons very recently and have the kind of energetic coaches that guys like me would like to play for.

“Also, the coaches and teams recruiting me have good reputations for putting out running backs that run the ball and get a lot of yards.

Nonetheless, the end of Stovall’s recruitment is in sight.

“After recommitting, I thought things would be a little bit harder to figure out, but I don’t think that has been the case," Stovall said. "I will make a silent commitment in December and then I will announce everything at the Army All American Game.

"Two months gives me enough time to get everything in order and then it will easy.”

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