Rich Rodriguez Press Conference Notes

Rich Rodriguez discusses Gerhard de Beer, Utah, and more.

* Rich Rodriguez is entering this week with no intentions of downplaying the significance of Saturday’s matchup with Utah.

“We have a highly ranked, very good Utah football team that has no weaknesses,” Rodriguez said. “They are good in all three phases and playing with a lot of confidence. It is our seniors’ least home game also, so there is a lot riding on this game for both teams.”

* Since Saturday is Arizona’s last home game, numerous seniors will be honored before the game.

“They are a good group of guys,” Rodriguez said. “The leadership is there, it is more of a quiet leadership than anything else. 

“That is who their personality is and I wouldn't want them to change who they are. They have done a good job all four years. They have been really good examples for the young guys on how to be an Arizona student athlete.”

* Gerhard de Beer started the first game of his career and graded out quite well.

“I thought he played pretty well for his first time at guard and spending the week at guard and learning the position,” Rodriguez said. “Three years ago he didn't even know how to put thigh pads in his practice pants. 

“What I am most proud of is learning a new position is one thing, but learning a new position when you are still learning the game and in one week time going up against a pretty good front, I thought he acquitted himself pretty well.”

* Cam Denson has not played much as of late and there are a few factors contributing to that. 

“He’s been a little banged up,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t think he has been 100 percent. Jarvis McCall has been hurt all year and he is a bigger, more physical guy. 

“Cam hasn’t been 100 percent. It has been a revolving door at that corner spot, but they are all getting some experience now.”

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