Arizona Wildcats will rely on veterans

Sean Miller believes that the Wildcats will rely on veteran leadership this season and discusses why.

Sean Miller has had experienced teams in the past and knowing the value of that experience, chose to make sure that the Wildcats would have veterans to help guide the freshmen.

“We really tried to do that,” Miller said. “Knowing that we were going to lose a number of players in our program to the NBA or beyond, we tried to plan as much as we could to cushion that with experience and obviously quality of play.”

Despite having no issues relying on the seniors, Miller acknowledges that a different player can step up on any given night.

“This year when you watch our team, we are going to do it as a group, we are going to do it as a team,” he said. “There will be players any given night who might not start the game who are our best players on that given night or our leading scorer or rebounder. 

“There are other nights where it could be the opposite. I’m not really set on a starting lineup right now. We could start the same lineup as we did, but we still have a lot to work out and we could have a lot of different types of lineups through November for sure.”

The only way Arizona’s experience is going to provide a benefit is if Miller lets the older players use it.

“We are really trying to use their experience and what is at stake for them to our advantage,” Miller said. “We want them to be the leaders of our team every day. 

“Leaders of our team in a practice environment, leaders of our team to explain to the new players what it is like on game night and to really guide the ship. 

“Most of the time when you have a group of experienced players like that, that is the benefit. They set the tone for you and I think as a group they are getting more familiar in doing that.”

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