Arizona Wildcats win thriller over Utah

Arizona defeated Utah 37-30 on Saturday night. Read on for a complete recap of the win.

In what's becoming a pattern at Arizona, the Wildcats defeated a top ten team for the fourth consecutive season with a 37-30 win over Utah Saturday night.

Arizona started on its own 20 with a nine-yard run by Anu Solomon. David Richards then caught a 23-yard pass and Arizona got 15 yards on the next play on a roughing the passer call.

After an incomplete pass, Nick Wilson ran for eight yards. A false start penalty and incomplete pass then forced Arizona to go for a 47-yard field and Casey Skowron nailed it, giving the Wildcats an early 3-0 lead.

Utah got nothing going on its ensuing drive. Starting on its own 25, Devontae Booker gained six yards and then one more on second down before Jeff Worthy and Tellas Jones sacked Jeff Worthy on third.

Arizona took the ball on its own 32 with a seven-yard pass to Nate Phillips. On third down, Cayleb Jones picked up the first with a five-yard reception.

Wilson then ran for 11 yards and Jones added an eight-yard grab. Utah was called for a personal foul on first down.

On the next play, Solomon ran for 16 yards and the Utes were called for another personal foul.

Solomon then hit Samajie Grant for the seven-yard touchdown as the extra point gave the Wildcats a 10-0 lead with 9:10 left in the first quarter.

Utah took possession on its own 25 and started with an eight-yard pass to Britain Covey. Bubba Poole got an 11-yard pass and two plays later, Booker ran for seven. 

Booker then gained 12 yards and ran for three on the next play. Harris Handley caught a 10-yard pass and Booker added two more.

Covey gained ten on the ground before Utah went to Booker for runs of five, four, and two. On his fourth consecutive run, Booker scored from a yard out and the extra point cut Arizona’s lead to 10-7 with 2:42 left in the quarter. 

Arizona got the ball on its own 27 and after a false start, Solomon ran for 16 yards. On second down, Solomon found Grant for 45 yards.

It only took one more play for Arizona to score, as Solomon connected with Jones for a 17-yard touchdown and the extra point put the Wildcats up 17-7 with 1:16 left in the first quarter. 

Utah threw an incomplete pass from its own 25 on first down, but Booker ran for 13 yards on second. He then gained eight more, but a holding call on second down ended the quarter.

The first play of the quarter was an interception by Jamar Allah, giving the Wildcats the ball on their own 44.

After an incompletion, Trey Griffey caught an 11-yard pass. Jared Baker then ran for seven and four before Arizona was called for a personal foul.

Griffey caught a nine-yard pass and Baker ran for three, but the Wildcats only gained three more yards and eventually turned it over on down at the Utah 33.

Booker ran twice for three yards each and then gained five more. Poole caught a nine-yard pass and Wilson gained four on the ground.

Poole added nine more before Joe Williams ran for three, eight, and six yards. Utah was called for a chop block on second down and couldn’t get much else, as the Utes hit a 34-yard field goal to come within 17-10 with 5:39 left in the half.

Arizona got the ball on its own 25 and Solomon ran for four yards before finding Tyrell Johnson for four more. 

Solomon proceeded to run for nine yards and after an incomplete pass, connected with Jones for 46 yards.

On second down, Wilson ran for eight yards. However, a bad snap by Cayman Bundage had Arizona once again settling for a field goal as the 40-yard make by Skowron gave the Wildcats a 20-10 lead with over two minutes remaining in the half.

Utah started on its own 25 and on second down, Covey went 46 yards on a bubble screen. Arizona was then called for pass interference. 

Wilson ran for six yards and the Wildcats got another pass interference call, as Scott caught a two-yard touchdown on the next play and the extra point made it 20-17 at halftime. 

Utah only took two plays to score in the second half, as Wilson hit Handley for a 59-yard pass on second down and the extra point put the Utes up 24-20.

Arizona started on its own 22 with a two-yard run by Solomon. He then gained ten on the ground and found Grant for 13.

Utah was called for pass interference and Phillips caught a 14-yard pass on first down. However, Solomon threw an interception on third down and Utah took over on its own 20.

Booker ran for 12 yards and added four more before Poole caught a pass for five yards. After a two-yard run by Booker, Wilson had gains of nine, eight, and two on the ground.

The Utah quarterback then ran for ten yards and Booker followed with runs of one and eight. On third and short, Reggie Gilbert made the stop and Utah hit a 38-yard field goal to go up 27-20 midway through the third.

On first down from the 28, Solomon found Jones for 50 yards. He then hit Johnny Jackson for 16 and scored on a six-yard run on the next play. The extra point tied the game at 27 with 4:01 remaining in the third. 

Both teams exchanged three and outs before Utah got the ball on its own 21. Williams gained four in the air on first down and two plays later, Scott caught a ten-yard pass on third to end the quarter.

WIlliams ran for nine yards to start the fourth, but Utah was called for holding on the next play. Eventually the Utes got to third down and a pass interference call on Handley ended the drive, as the punt gave the Wildcats the ball on their own 20.

Baker lost one and Solomon gained ten on the next play, but was knocked out of the game on an uncalled targeting play.

After an 18-yard run by Baker, Randall lost three on the ground and then threw an interception to give Utah possession on its 18.

Booker had runs of three, four, four, and three to start the drive before Wilson found Covey for ten yards. On the next play, Booker fumbled and gave the Wildcats the ball back on the 50.

Neither team scored for the rest of regulation and Utah got the ball to start overtime.

Wilson found Covey for four yards, but the Utes did not get anything else and settled for the 40-yard field goal.

Baker gained two yards on first down on the ensuing drive and Randall added four. However, Randall only got one more yard and Arizona also had to kick a field goal.

On first down, Randall hit Phillips for a 25-yard touchdown for his only completion of the game. The extra point put Arizona up 37-30.

After an incomplete pass on first down, Booker ran for three yards. Arizona forced a fourth down and Wilson converted with a 12-yard run.

Booker gained three on first down, but Wilson was sacked on second down for a loss of nine. Two incomplete passes later and Arizona was celebrating.

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