Official visit impresses Antonio Parks

Antonio Parks discusses his official visit from this past weekend and more.

Like many greyshirts, it hasn’t been an easy these past few months for Reserve (La.) East St. John 2015 recruit Antonio Parks as he watches his future college football team play.

However, he has certainly used the time to his advantage.

“It kind of frustrated me that I wasn’t able to get into school right after high school, but I realized it wasn’t the worst thing in the world and I used that time to get better at football,” Parks said. “There were things that I needed to do.

“When I first started working out about last January I was at 167 pounds, but I’ve had a total year to get big and stronger and now I’m up to 182 pounds. My body has really taken to the weight lifting and everyone is encouraged by that.”

Parks took an official visit this past weekend and saw the Wildcats upset Utah.

“I got in Friday night and I was able to spend a lot of time with the team," he said. "I went out with the team for a meal with the guys and got a feel for what that game and pregame situation is like. It was a real taste of college football life.”

The three-star prospect has developed a strong relationship with Coach David Lockwood.

“I spent most of my time with Coach Lockwood," Park said. "They are going to wait until I get there and then see where I fit in best in the secondary. It could be safety or bandit or somewhere, but they are excited for me to get there and to get started.”

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