Big Time news and notes

LAS VEGAS – We were all over the city on Wednesday trying to see as many potential Wildcat recruits as possible. We didn't see them all, but we came awfully close. Here are a number of things we saw, learned and heard at the Big Time Tournament.

The morning began with our second look at The Playaz and their stars J.R. Smith and Alex Galindo. The two had a great game. Smith is the real deal and we were hearing that he wants to join Roy Williams' first class at UNC.

It was Galindo who really impressed us. He has all the skills to be a good wing, but no single thing jumps out at you. He had 19 points and four three-pointers. He was also a beast on the boards who grabbed a number of key rebounds late in the game. Galindo is the kind of player who grows on you and we really like what we see from him.

We got a good look at the Inland team that includes Andre McGee, the star of ABCD. McGee compares himself to Stephon Marbury and it is an apt comparison. Like Marbury he's a pure scorer from the point guard position. As of now the junior looks like a two-guard in a point guard's body, but he has the athletic ability to be a well-rounded point guard. If he can further develop that part of his game then he may shoot up the rankings.

His teammate Sylvester Seay may not be blowing up, but he likes to blow stuff up. The 6-10 forward wants to be a demolitions expert if the basketball career falls through. Seay is a Pac-10 caliber recruit.

The Inland team destroyed Pump N Run Colorado, but lost the nightcap to the Playaz. Colorado's Hector Hernandez had trouble with Seay, but better teams are getting involved. His teammate Jared Lewis is unbelievably explosive for a player of 6-1. If he was 6-6 he'd be a Richard Jefferson-like wing, but at 6-1 he appears to be a freak athlete without a position. He can develop into a point guard, but as of now lacks the floor sense he needs.

We watched Tyler King, the freshman from Mater Dei. He is one of the first players to emerge in the '07 class and his outside shot is amazing. At this point he is very reminiscent of Jason Kapono, but the 6-6 forward is likely to be closer to 6-10 by the time he gets to college.

Marcus Johnson's resemblance to Gilbert Arenas is amazing both facially and on the court. He's long loved Syracuse and Jim Boeheim was in attendance. He also likes the Wildcats and the Cat coaches were on hand as well.

Jordan Farmar has led his Pump N Run squad to an undefeated preliminary round and in doing so has solidified himself as one of the two or three best point guards in the class.

Magnum Rolle has so much upside that it is sick. He's very new to the game and the recruiting process. He doesn't know what schools are interested or even what comes next. He will return to the Bahamas for his senior season and we anticipate that he will soon become familiar with many of the elite schools and their coaches.

Jawann McClellan had a very good game. The streaky shooter had his stroke and was knocking down shots from as far as 25 feet. He and Daniel Gibson were on the same page and teamed up on a couple of nice alley-oops. McClellan is due for a rest; he has been home for just four days in the last eight weeks.

Josh McRoberts has done nothing to diminish our opinion of him. The big man from Carmel, Indiana is just so solid and so good. He had a ton of admirers in the stands. His teammate, super freshman Greg Oden, is unbelievable. He's so advanced for a sophomore and is destined to be a top-5 NBA draft pick. No one he went up against had an answer for the seven-footer.

Another top '06 player was Derrick Caracter. He wasn't as impressive as Oden, but there is no mistaking the talent and size that has scouts drooling.

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