New Mexico Offensive Preview

Arizona will face New Mexico's triple option offense on Saturday. Read on for a closer look.

When Arizona faces New Mexico on Saturday, the Lobos are going to bring a triple option offense, which is something Arizona has not seen a lot of in the past few years.

However, this isn’t the triple option offense that most college football fans probably think of right away.

New Mexico's triple option offense isn't under center and attacks the perimeter out of the shotgun formation.

There are some inside runs, but a lot of it is zone and as the defensive players told us all week, there isn’t as much cut blocking as one would normally associate with a triple option.

Often times, New Mexico only actually runs one wide receiver and the rest of the skill players are basically running backs.

Quite simply, Arizona knows what it is getting on Saturday. The Lobos will probably run close to 80 percent of the time and will attack the edges.

If Arizona is going to have success on defense, it is going to need to read quarterback Lamar Jordan and his decision whether to pitch it or not.

We expect a guy like Paul Magloire to have a good game because of his ability to attack the edges and he is going to have a major role in being able to read whether or not the quarterback is going to pitch it.

The option will force Arizona’s linebackers and safeties to make quick decisions and if they fail to do so, New Mexico’s offense is going to put together a solid day.

Should New Mexico try to stretch Arizona’s defense, it is going to use wide receiver Dameon Gamblin about two times more than the next receiver.

Not only will he be used on jet sweeps, but Gamblin has 33 receptions and the next closest player only has 13.  

New Mexico will go vertical if it has to, but it does not happen much. Thus, Arizona will need to pick and choose its spots correctly or else the Lobos will have more success offensively than they should.

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