Devaughn Cooper wins state title

Devaughn Cooper won the State title this past weekend. Read on for his thoughts on that accomplishment and more.

Coming off the biggest win of his young career, Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne 2016 wide receiver DeVaughn Cooper is understandably excited about the magnitude of this victory.

“We just won the state championship and it was because of everybody on the team,” Cooper said. “Doing that in a state like California is something we will always be very proud of.

"It all started last season. When you look around at the players that we have there really wasn’t a reason that we couldn’t take this thing all the way.”


Like a few other recruits, Cooper has considered other collegiate options, but stayed committed.

“I’m still going to Arizona and I’m going to take a visit there January 16," he said. "That is my only visit scheduled. It will be fun to get there and check out the campus more.

“The atmosphere is one of the main reasons that I decided to go to Arizona. The place is beautiful and there is just a good vibe out there.”

Cooper is confident his skills will translate to the Pac-12 level.

“I think a big part of my game is I can catch the ball in traffic or get behind the cornerback," he said. "I think I get in there and make a quick impact.

"It’s not all college type players that I have gone against in high school, but there are still a lot of them though. I’m going to continue to play the same way that got me this level.”

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